Unable to access Internet sites (URLs)

Unable to access Internet sites (URLs), but able to receive/send Internet email and with no disruption to IP telephony service.
SFCONTROL file expired on SmartFilter, housed on the NetApp N3100.
Immediate resolution was to disable filtering on SmartFilter. The next resolution is noted below. -----Original Message----- From: Gray, Jon [mailto:jon@netapp.com] Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 3:14 PM To: Shannon Mills; Provencher, Marcel Cc: Berger, Marty; Gray, Jon; Hethcote, Andy; Soutter, Alan; 4Front Management; William Frank Subject: [Netapp Log # 394605] - Smartfilter and Netcache denying all requests at CHCCS Please forward to all who are interested. Thanks. -jongray Hello all, I have opened Netapp Support Case 394605 for this issue, and on a technical side, consider it now to be resolved. I will work with William this afternoon to make sure that we can wrap this case up asap. Symptom: All URL requests were getting denied through the CHCCS NetCache. Disabling the Smartfilter application on the Netcache allowed the requests through, but also permitted requests to sites that needed to be blocked. Cause of problem: The Smartfilter database file, SFCONTROL, maintained by SecureComputing, had expired. Under this circumstance, the Netcache and Smartfilter solution will deny ALL URL requests through the Netcache. This is done because a) the SFCONTROL file is expired and invalid, and is no longer referenced and b) denying all URL's is considered better than allowing all URL's, especially in a school environment where children must be denied access to sites that are not appropriate. Here is the output from the Netcache Messages Log: Mon Sep 9 09:02:36 EDT [smartfilterWorker:error]: smartfilterInit: sfcontrol expired. Mon Sep 9 09:02:36 EDT [smartfilterWorker:error]: SmartFilter failed to initialize, which may cause all requests to be denied. Mon Sep 9 09:02:36 EDT [smartfilterWorker:error]: smartfilter: Will retry download in 15 minutes. Mon Sep 9 09:14:39 EDT [smartfilterWorker:info]: Attempting to download and validate SmartFilter 3.0 database file. Mon Sep 9 09:14:39 EDT [smartfilterWorker:error]: Unable to download sfcontrol file from URL: "ftp://na400029:26hQ36r8@ftp.smartfilter.com/pub/NetCache/sfcontrol301 /" Mon Sep 9 09:14:39 EDT [smartfilterWorker:notice]: Restarting SmartFilter. Mon Sep 9 09:15:03 EDT [smartfilterWorker:error]: smartfilterInit: sfcontrol expired. .... This is repeated many, many times, because NetCache will attempt to download the files every 15 minutes when it encounters a failure. Why was the file expired? The URL configured on the NetCache for the Automatic download of the SFCONTROL file was incorrect: ftp://na400029:26hQ36r8@ftp.smartfilter.com/pub/NetCache/sfcontrol301/" The trailing '/' at the end of the URL makes the NetCache, and indeed, anything that recognizes URL's (MSIE, NetScape, etc) as a Path, and not a Filename. sfcontrol301 is a file that lives in thh Netcache directory on the ftp.smartfilter.com website, so that trailing slash needed to be removed. Solution: I configured the URL download for the SFCONTROL on the NetCache correctly and started that download. Once the file had downloaded, I was able to enable Smartfilter and verify from the HTTP Web Access Logs that requests were being served properly. I am awaiting William's call back to me now, so we can wrap this up on the technical site. Kind regards, Jon Gray Netapp Support

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